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Safeguarding children

Mercure Hatfield Oak Hotel, Roehyde Way, Hatfield
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Governance - Safeguarding Children (Formerly Child Protection)
Event Description
This course is strongly recommended for all governors and is essential for the Designated Child Protection governor(s), the chair/vice chair. It is also recommended to refresh this training every 4 years.

This training looks at:

  • safeguarding in the school context

  • the role of Child Protection School Liaison Officers (CPSLO)

  • the nature of child abuse

  • safeguarding Responsibilities

  • gole of the governing board, the headteacher, all staff/volunteers

  • the role of the Designated Senior Person (DSP)

  • child protection policy and procedures

  • statutory child protection training timescales

  • vulnerability of staff in schools

  • management of allegations against staff

  • monitoring and review of school practice, policies and procedures

  • introduction to audit tools - Annual Schools' Safeguarding Practice Checklist and Annual Safeguarding Report

  • an opportunity to ask questions or arrange follow-up contact with your CPSLO.

Training objectives
Learning outcomes

  • understand schools' statutory duties and responsibilities for safeguarding pupils

  • gain insight into school child protection tasks

  • gain knowledge of support available to Designated Child Protection Governors (DCPG's)

  • be familiar with the audit tools used to monitor safeguarding performance in schools

  • be better prepared for inspection

Additional Information
Start Date
Wednesday 11 March 2020
End Date
Wednesday 11 March 2020
Closing Date
Tuesday 10 March 2020
19:00 - 21:00
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