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Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) workshop

Hertfordshire Development Centre, Stevenage, Robertson House, Six Hills Way
Course Tutors
Donia Knott
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Target Audience
Administrative Staff / Bursars/Finance Staff / Business Managers / Chair/Vice Chairs of Governors / Office Managers
target audience
Course Types
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Academies and Schools (including EYFS)
Business Management Services
Event Description
This practical session will support delegates in examining their schools data and its meaning.

To support business managers in their completion of the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS), HfL Business Management Services are offering a hands on workshop where delegates can work on their own settings SFVS in a supportive environment with hands on expertise to answer questions and offer personalised guidance.

Training objectives

  • to build confidence in the use of, and application of the SFVS through a practical learning workshop supported by the business management services team

  • to be able to complete and understand the application of the SFVS for compliance and as a framework for good financial management in schools

  • to apply your schools data and consider its context v’s external perspectives

  • to use the SFVS as a discussion starter for ongoing financial sustainability and identifying areas that may need to be, and opportunities that could be, considered

Learning outcomes

  • to complete your settings SFVS based on the latest end of year out-turn for 19/20

  • to build understanding on the use of the SFVS for good financial management

  • to understand your settings data v’s external perspectives.

  • to identify areas and opportunities for your setting for ongoing financial sustainability

Additional Information
Delegates should bring:
  • a copy of the schools latest year end forecast – ideally the forecast outturn data, from the school’s 2nd Termly Return, based on actuals to December 31st 2019
  • a copy of the staffing structure for FTE either from the nominal role or FTE staff data from Access Budgeting Software
  • average class size (total pupils/number of classes)
  • nursery FTE 
  • % of pupils eligible for FSM
Start Date
Tuesday 10 March 2020
End Date
Tuesday 10 March 2020
Closing Date
Monday 9 March 2020
13:00 - 14:30
Maximum Places
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