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Back on Track: assessment and curriculum

Webinar, Webinar
Course Tutors
Ben Fuller / Sophie MacNeill
Admin Contact
Sandra Penstone-Smith (training@hertsforlearning.co.uk)
Target Audience
Assessment Coordinators / Assistant Headteachers / Classroom Teachers / Deputy Headteachers / Headteachers / New Headteachers
target audience
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Academies and Schools (including EYFS)
Assessment / Behaviour for Learning
Event Description
As a consequence of the lockdown, pupils’ learning and their journey through the curriculum has been massively disrupted. It is likely that our disadvantaged students will have been the most adversely affected. Now, more than ever, schools need to be highly effective in their approaches to determining and addressing gaps in pupils’ understanding, so that pupils are supported in ‘catching up’, getting back on track with their learning and with ‘keeping up’ with learning moving forward.

Formative assessment lies at the heart of this mission. High-quality assessment practices in the classroom are proven to be key ingredients of quality teaching and learning, leading to improved pupil engagement and progress across the curriculum.

Ofsted acknowledges that, among the most important factors in how, and how effectively, the curriculum is taught and assessed, are that:
• teachers check pupils’ understanding effectively, and identify and correct misunderstandings
• teachers use assessment to check pupils’ understanding in order to inform teaching
(extract from Paragraph 183 of section 5 handbook)

In this multi-session package, delegates will explore what is necessary for ensuring that pupils catch up and keep up - from both a school leadership perspective and the classroom pedagogical perspective.

The package will be split across three days which will be delivered as live remote training events. The sessions will be recorded for access following the event.

NB the days will be split into separate webinar sessions, with breaks and opportunities for colleagues to reflect and work together.

Day 1: for two members of the school leadership team (ideally the headteacher and one other person with strategic responsibility for teaching and learning in the school). One school governor may also attend at no additional charge. This day will be split into four webinar sessions with breaks to allow discussion and reflection.

The focus of Day 1 will be:
• considering the curriculum intent and implementation and how these might need to be adapted in the light of the school closures
• considering the impact on disadvantaged students and others who have been most adversely affected
• the role effective formative assessment must play in re-establishing an effective ‘recovery curriculum’ that meets the pupils’ current needs
• leading the strategic development and further implementation of formative assessment practice across the whole staff
• the learning culture of the school
• teaching, learning and assessment policy, marking and feedback policy
• latest information from an Ofsted perspective on the focus of inspection post-lockdown
• school leaders to decide upon a member of the teaching staff who will act as a ‘champion’ for leading on the development of the formative assessment practices, in conjunction with the teaching and learning strategic leader

Day 2: for the teaching and learning strategic leader and a ‘champion’ member of teaching staff (identified following day 1). This day will be an interactive opportunity to explore key areas of pedagogical practice and how best these can be implemented in school with the greatest effect.

The focus of day 2 will be:
• latest thinking on best practice in formative assessment techniques
• techniques for exploring children’s prior knowledge, skills and understanding and uncovering misconceptions
• latest research from cognitive science on memory, retrieval and cognitive load
• developing children’s metacognition and learning behaviours to activate themselves as owners of their learning
• techniques for designing good quality questioning and dialogic teaching approaches
• making marking and feedback more efficient and more effective

Day 3 (twilight session): for the teaching and learning strategic leader and the champion. This session will use a coaching seminar format to explore progress so far and identify next steps.

In addition to the three training days, participating schools can buy one day of follow-up support from an adviser (which could be split into two half-days) at a special discounted rate. This support could include:
• one-to-one work with a specific teacher or teaching assistant
• training with a group of teachers on any aspect of formative assessment
• action planning with a curriculum subject leader

Please contact us at the time of booking if you would like to discuss follow-up support.

Please note, the booking cost is per school, not per delegate. One booked place entitles both delegates from that school to attend the training.
Training objectives
Learning outcomes
By participating in this training, schools will:
• develop their teachers’ practice in formative assessment techniques, so that teaching is focused on what children most need
• empower the strategic leaders to be able to lead on development with colleagues
• be supported in developing an effective recovery curriculum wit formative assessment at its heart
Additional Information
Start Date
Monday 28 September 2020
End Date
Tuesday 17 November 2020
Closing Date
Sunday 27 September 2020
09:30 - 15:30
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Maximum places per establishment
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