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Spotting learning gaps and optimising the progress of Post-16 students

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Suki Gill
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Heads of Department/Faculty / Heads of Year / Senior Leaders
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Academies and Schools (including EYFS)
Sixteen to Nineteen
Event Description
This webinar forms part of a series of informative and interactive Post-16 Recovery Curriculum webinars focused on helping provide continued support for post-16 leaders and practitioners during the lockdown period.

All sessions are hosted by experts in their field, designed to support schools in ensuring young people can demonstrate their learning, skills and knowledge across the curriculum, and prioritise the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of post-16 learners.

Session 2: Spotting learning gaps and optimising the progress of Students

We do not know all the answers to the current education situation but in this session Lisa Goodship, former Hertfordshire Head of Sixth Form and Deputy Head, will be guiding leaders on how to spot gaps of learning in light of COVID-19.

This session will also focus on how to optimise the progress of all students, some of whom will have significant gaps in their knowledge and understanding as a result of the break in their usual education.
Training objectives
Delegates will:

• Review what the start of the new academic term will look like for the new year 12, in addition to the current year 12 learners

• Understand and appreciate how we can link optimising progress to new curriculum design that is centered around planning, sequencing and implementation of the curriculum in remote learning
Learning outcomes
This session will provide the opportunity to discuss practical ideas and highlight how a Head of Sixth Form can monitor and assess the current situation and its impact on students’ learning.
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Start Date
Tuesday 14 July 2020
End Date
Tuesday 14 July 2020
Closing Date
Monday 13 July 2020
14:15 - 15:45
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