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Moving into Sixth Form leadership - part 2

Webinar, Webinar
Course Tutors
Becky Cox / Suki Gill
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Target Audience
Heads of Department/Faculty / Heads of Year / New/Aspiring Middle Leaders / Senior Leaders
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Academies and Schools (including EYFS)
Sixteen to Nineteen
Event Description
This webinar forms part of a series of informative and interactive Post-16 Recovery Curriculum webinars focus New and aspiring Heads of Sixth, New Head of Year 12 and Year 13ed on helping provide continued support for post-16 leaders and practitioners during the lockdown period.

All sessions are hosted by experts in their field, designed to support schools in ensuring young people can demonstrate their learning, skills and knowledge across the curriculum, and prioritise the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of post-16 learners.

Session 8:

The programme has been formulated by successful and experienced senior leaders from the education sector, and designed for all Heads of Sixth Form who are aspiring to excellence.

You will hear insights from practitioners and other experts, learn how outstanding leadership can be achieved in the Sixth Form, and take away practical solutions from an Outstanding Sixth Form.

In addition to understanding the key leadership skills required to evaluate your sixth form and hold your staff to account, the programme will also focus on setting the vision, ethos and culture of an effective Sixth Form.
This programme is for: Current Heads of Sixth Form, aspiring/designate Heads of Sixth, and other interested staff.
Training objectives
Learning objectives – delegates will:

• examine the role of Head of Sixth Form in order to identify key responsibilities and approaches to leadership, and to prepare aspiring Sixth Form leads for its challenges
• understand the key leadership skills required to evaluate your sixth form and hold your staff to account
• consider how factors such as effective leadership, the quality of education, and the development of students’ personal welfare make a Sixth Form successful
• provide the opportunity for new/aspiring Heads of Sixth Form to meet, share ideas about best practice and become updated by listening to presentations from fellow professionals and leading figures in the field
Learning outcomes
Delegates will be given a clear evaluative process for developing their leadership practice, and will leave the course knowing how to create real and noticeable improvements within their school.
Additional Information
Start Date
Wednesday 25 November 2020
End Date
Wednesday 25 November 2020
Closing Date
Tuesday 24 November 2020
15:45 - 17:15
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