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Developing independent, resilient and powerful learners (Cancelled)

Reason for cancellation
Webinar, Webinar
Course Tutors
Sophie MacNeill
Admin Contact
Sandra Penstone-Smith (training@hertsforlearning.co.uk)
Target Audience
Assessment Coordinators / Assistant Headteachers / Classroom Teachers / Early Career Teachers / Newly Qualified Teachers / NQT +1 / Returning Teachers / School Direct Trainees
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Academies and Schools (including EYFS)
Event Description
One of the things that the lockdown period has highlighted is the need for our pupils to have independence and a solid set of learning behaviours supporting this. Now, more than ever, there is a need for our pupils to develop their self-efficacy and resilience to ensure that they are powerful learners as we support their ‘catching up’  and getting back on track with learning.

We know that powerful learners are autonomous agents in their education, and we want to avoid passivity that leads them to be very reliant on teacher input, validation and feedback. This course seeks to explore this and look at classroom approaches that empower pupils in building the learning behaviours needed for independence and greater learning potential despite the challenges and setbacks that have, and may still, arise.

In this 90-minute pre-recorded training session we will be exploring practical ways to develop greater independence and positive learning beliefs and behaviours.

In addition to the pre-recorded webinar, this training also includes a follow-up coaching conversation with an adviser. This is to give delegates the opportunity to discuss their progress in implementing the strategies outlined in the webinar, and receive advice on next steps in developing their practice.

The cost indicated below is based on one person accessing the recording and having the follow-up coaching conversation. If schools would like more than one staff member to receive the training, with the follow-up conversation including all relevant staff members together, please contact us to discuss cost - hfl.assessment@hertsforlearning.co.uk
Training objectives
• To build on current practice to further enhance pupil independence
• Break down what is needed for a pupil to develop more agency in their learning
• To explore practical strategies to build pupil self-awareness and regulation
Learning outcomes
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Start Date
Tuesday 1 September 2020
End Date
Tuesday 1 September 2020
Closing Date
Monday 31 August 2020
09:00 - 17:30
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