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Executive leadership programme 2020/21

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Guest Speakers / Lisa Massey
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Academies and Schools (including EYFS)
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The Herts for Learning / University of Hertfordshire Executive Leadership Programme, aims to bring together the best of current research, thinking and training on executive and strategic leadership in Primary schools and is a unique opportunity to do so within both the Hertfordshire and national context for schools.

The learning approach will be personalised and built around the identification of your own unique developmental needs as an existing or aspirant executive head through reflecting on and analysing your leadership and professional practice. It will include input, guidance and support from several experienced, current executive leaders from a variety of settings as well as recognised expert speakers. Visits to existing academy trusts, federations, executive leaders and CEOs will complement the contact element input and you will receive individual and online tutorial support to complete and submit coursework for assessment. In partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, this will be a rigorous and challenging programme, accredited as a postgraduate 30 credit short course. This befits both our and your high expectations and recognises the complexity and challenges of the evolving roles for leaders in the contemporary educational climate.

After an induction session in the summer or early autumn term, the broad structure of the programme will be built around three contact conference days during the academic year in the autumn and spring terms with facilitated visits to different schools and multi academy trusts in between.

Your own reflections, self-analysis and small-scale enquiry will be central to the programme and with your full involvement, support and feedback we will be able to adapt and tailor the programme so that you get the most from it and can plan for your own leadership future.

Although focused primarily on developing your leadership skills, the themes covered will move broadly from examining the roles, systems and structures of strategic leadership and management, executive headship, leading change and improvement, building collaboration and working towards long term success across multiple settings. In addition, practical business ‘workshop’ sessions (marketing, financial management, HR) can be built in as needed. Opportunities for reading, coaching and individual professional tuition and guidance will be provided.
Training objectives

  • To enable headteachers to progress as strategic leaders and gained a deeper understanding of the skills, abilities and attributes needed for the role of executive leader/ CEO and how these might differ from the role of a headteacher

Learning outcomes
This course will aim to:

  • To develop current headteachers’ understanding of the role of an executive leader

  • To strengthen headteachers’ understanding of their own leadership

  • To develop a range of skills to support and strengthen the leadership of more than one school

  • To learn from the experiences of existing executive leaders

Additional Information
Start Date
Monday 5 October 2020
End Date
Wednesday 30 June 2021
Closing Date
Sunday 4 October 2020
09:00 - 12:00
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