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Secondary science webinar 2020-21 series

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Joanna Conn
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Classroom Teachers / Subject Leaders
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Webinar, Update, Seminar, Briefing
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Academies and Schools (including EYFS)
Event Description
Following the Covid 19 lockdown, these webinars will explore the tools and strategies which are effective for teachers to use to diagnose lost learning, gaps in learning and secured learning. They will support teachers to identify and address misconceptions in subject knowledge and to suggestion appropriate intervention to support good progress in science learning.

In the first of these webinars on Monday 19th October, Andrew Chandler-Grevatt (University of Brighton) will consider assessments to explore gaps in learning and the types of effective intervention.

In the second webinar on Tuesday 10th November, Chris Harrison (Kings College, London) will explore formative assessment strategies to support diagnoses of gaps in learning.

The final webinar in the spring term on Wednesday 20th January, will be delivered by Niki Kaiser (Norwich Research school), who will share her own research and thinking about identifying and addressing misconceptions in science lessons.
Training objectives
Learning outcomes

  • to consider how and when to assess students learning

  • to explore the different types of tools for assessment

  • to consider and explore the types of intervention required to address gaps in learning

  • to explore strategies to identify and address student misconceptions

Additional Information
Start Date
Monday 19 October 2020
End Date
Wednesday 20 January 2021
Closing Date
Tuesday 19 January 2021
15:30 - 16:30
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