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The benefits of G Suite for Education and using Chromebooks

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Chris Carter
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Administrative Staff / All Leaders / Assistant Headteachers / Classroom Teachers / Deputy Headteachers / eSafety Coordinators / Heads of Department/Faculty / Heads of Year / Headteachers / Middle Leaders / New Headteachers / New/Aspiring Middle Leaders / New/Aspiring Subject Leaders / Subject Leaders / Technicians
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Academies and Schools (including EYFS)
Technology in Schools
Event Description
Join us from the 2nd November for a week-long series of webinars to realise the potential of technology in education with G Suite for Education. 

To book a place on the other webinars in the series, please click on the below links:

Our Google for Education Certified Trainer, Chris Carter, will cover the benefits of G Suite for Education, to include:

  • teaching remotely through live video or uploading pre-recorded lessons

  • assigning work, attaching videos and giving feedback

  • giving presentations, sending private messages, and participating in group conversations

  • safeguarding by disabling certain features for pupils

In this webinar Chris will explore the great potential of Chromebooks and G Suite for teaching and learning in the classroom or remotely.

Not only are Chromebooks more cost effective, their web based operating system makes accessing curriculum resources extremely easy and fast.

It’s not too late to apply for DfE funding;
If schools haven’t got round yet to making use of the DfE’s free funding for the roll-out of G-Suite, please contact our service desk on 01438 844777 or technology@hertsforlearning.co.uk to discuss how the Technology in Schools team can complete the application on there behalf. We’ll complete the paperwork, integrate the system and offer all the necessary training of all staff.

“Accessing the DfE Provision Funding couldn't have been easier or more straight forward with the fantastic support of Technology in Schools at HfL. There were no onerous forms to fill in and no proof needed to say we were entitled to it - they handled everything and provided step-by-step guidance through the process. The fact that I was sent a recording of the free online training I attended also meant I could keep going back to it. We aren't rushing into rolling it out, but are just very glad that we have G Suite at no additional cost to school and we can take our time to plan how best to use it in the future.”

Rachael Coultart, Computing Subject Leader, Stevenage St Nicholas CE Primary School & Nursery
Training objectives

  • schools are in a position to make informed decisions about G Suite as a digital learning platform

  • to show some of the benefits in using apps via Chromebooks

Learning outcomes

  • discover the great potential of Chromebooks and G Suite for teaching and learning in the classroom or remotely

  • teachers are familiar with what Chromebooks can offer and why they might consider using them in their school

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Start Date
Wednesday 4 November 2020
End Date
Wednesday 4 November 2020
Closing Date
Wednesday 4 November 2020
16:30 - 17:15
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