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ESSENTIALspelling in Year 2

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Michelle Nicholson
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Target Audience
Assistant Headteachers / Classroom Teachers / Deputy Headteachers / Heads of Department/Faculty / INCos/ SENCos / Middle Leaders / New/Aspiring Subject Leaders / Overseas Trained Teachers / Returning Teachers / School Direct Trainees / Senior Leaders / Subject Leaders
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Academies and Schools (including EYFS)
Event Description
ESSENTIALspelling is a whole-class approach to teaching spelling that enables all pupils to succeed and gives teachers the unique tools to make that happen. The course is designed to support Y2 teachers to deliver this new scheme effectively and tailor the resource to the needs of their class.

This live webinar is a follow-up session to the pre-recorded ‘on-demand’ training session. This will be available from Wednesday 16th June 2021 and should be watched prior to attendance at the live webinar. Please allow at least 1hr 30 mins to watch the pre-recorded session.

ESSENTIALspelling comprises: a year’s worth of detailed planning sequences; full explanations of the learning behind the teaching; ideas for activities; resources to help teachers deliver the sessions. Every sequence tracks back to review prior linked learning, enabling pupils to build on the foundations of previous year groups, and assisting teachers to identify gaps in learning. Every sequence shows teachers how to support the children who have minor gaps in their previous learning as well as those who have not secured the foundations needed for any given sequence. And, every sequence helps make spelling fun!
Training objectives
Learning outcomes
• to introduce teachers to the principles and pedagogy behind ESSENTIALspelling
• to demonstrate how to assess and teach the whole class whilst meeting the needs of all pupils whatever their spelling attainment
• to provide delegates with the opportunity to explore and discuss the resources
• to support schools to raise spelling attainment and thus improve the number of pupils meeting age-related expectations for writing at the end of KS1
• boost children’s confidence and enjoyment of spelling
Additional Information
Start Date
Wednesday 30 June 2021
End Date
Wednesday 30 June 2021
Closing Date
Tuesday 29 June 2021
13:00 - 14:30
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