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Delivering high-quality mental health teaching through the statutory health and wider curriculum (Cancelled)

Reason for cancellation
Webinar, Webinar
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Karin Hutchinson / Kate Stockdale
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INCos/ SENCos / Pastoral Staff / Subject Leaders
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Academies and Schools (including EYFS)
Behaviour for Learning / Inclusion / Leadership and Management
Event Description
Following sustained periods of lockdown, disrupted school attendance and uncertainty, the importance of teaching effectively for mental health has never been so crucial. 

The PSHE Association confirms that:
‘Mental health should not be taboo but openly and honestly discussed within a safe, supportive environment.’

It is crucial that this abstract aspect of health education is practically amplified across other subject areas such as physical activity, the arts and ICT to enable pupils to make connections between their choices, their activity and their wellbeing. Importantly pupils also need to link their extracurricular activities, roles of responsibility, friendships, out of school interests and hobbies with their mental health.

This course will identify core learning, classroom language and practical approaches and strategies for teaching about mental wellbeing and help build staff confidence.

Training objectives

  • to identify core elements and building blocks in delivering age-appropriate mental wellbeing content in the health curriculum

  • to explore examples of lessons around mental health and wellbeing

  • build staff confidence in creating a classroom culture with safe boundaries to explore and discuss mental health and wellbeing

  • to examine where and how teaching about mental health dovetails across the wider curriculum to support and map teaching in a holistic way

Learning outcomes

  • how to support staff to design and deliver a progressive and spiral mental health curriculum

  • how to support staff, young people and parent/carers to adopt a common language and understanding for mental health

  • to recognise ways to help pupils understand and notice risks to poor mental health and positive strategies to improve wellbeing

  • identify opportunities to emphasise to pupils the relevance of attention to wellbeing throughout their lives

Additional Information
Training is exclusively funded and available for Hertfordshire schools only.
Start Date
Friday 7 May 2021
End Date
Friday 7 May 2021
Closing Date
Thursday 6 May 2021
09:30 - 12:00
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