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Herts for Learning Technology in Schools Showcase: Sharing Recipes for Success

Course Tutors
Chris Bramwell, Chris Carter, Guest Speakers
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Target Audience
Administrative Staff / Assessment Coordinators/Leaders / Assistant Headteachers / Attendance Officers/Assistants / Bursars/Finance Staff / Business/Office Managers / Chair/Vice Chairs of Governors / Classroom Teachers / Cover Supervisors/Managers / Deputy Headteachers / Designated Senior Persons / Early Years Leaders / Early Years Practitioners / ECT (Early Career Teacher) / ECT Induction Tutor / eSafety Coordinators / Exams Officers/Assistants / Governors / Heads of Department/Faculty / Heads of Year / Headteachers / Middle Leaders / New Headteachers / Overseas Trained / Returning Teachers / Personnel Officers/Assistants / Pupil/Students / SENCOs / Senior Leaders / Teaching Assistants
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Academies and Schools (including EYFS) / Early Years PVI Settings
16-19 / Assessment / Behaviour for Learning / Business Management / Computing / Data Management (MIS) / Early Years Foundation Stage / English / Financial Services / Health and Safety / HR Services / Humanities / Languages / Leadership / Physical Education / Science / Special Educational Needs / Technology in Schools
Event Description
The Technology in Schools Showcase is an essential, free collection of live webinars across one week. It focuses on developing a school’s EdTech strategy and maximising the effectiveness of technology, from the classroom to the office.

The showcase will feature case studies, talks about cloud adoption, strategy building and more. There will be keynote sessions from HfL leaders and workshops delivered by HfL partners. The event will feature content that is important to school leaders, business managers, digital leads and teachers.

The timetable of webinars is as follows, please ensure you make a note of the sessions you wish to attend. You will receive further instructions on how to access each session in the run up to the event. 

Monday 7th February, 3:45pm:
Welcome to the Technology in Schools Showcase – Sharing recipes for success

In this session, Chris Bramwell, Head of Technology in Schools, HfL, will introduce the members of his Technology in Schools team that will be taking part in the sessions throughout the week. They will give delegates a concise summary of each of the events scheduled during the week to inform decisions about which ones to attend. 

A retrospective will be provided of the overall progress that Hertfordshire schools have made against the DfE’s strategy to realise the potential of technology in schools over the last two years. Lessons already learned by schools will be shared with delegates as recipes for success that other schools will be able to use to help them move further forward on their own technology strategies in 2022.

Chris will conclude the session by sharing some suggested goals for the year ahead for schools, depending on where they are on their technology journey.

Tuesday 8th February, 3:45 - 4:45pm: 
Edtech in the Primary Classroom: Sharing recipes for success
In this session, HfL’s Edtech Adviser, Chris Carter, will talk about how edtech has evolved over the last few years and the many advantages it can bring to the classroom and beyond. Chris will give examples of different ways edtech can support teaching and learning in 2022 and will welcome a teacher from a Hertfordshire primary school to share her recipes for the successful integration of technology across the curriculum.

Wednesday 9th February, 3:45 - 4:45pm: 
EdTech Devices – getting it right for your school or setting
There is a myriad of edtech devices available on the market today, and it can be difficult to know what are the right devices for a school/setting’s needs, and how to achieve best value for money. In this webinar, HfL’s Technology in Schools team will discuss the important considerations needed when choosing and buying IT devices. They will provide guidance on auditing what you have, device compatibility, device lifespans and factors that affect the price.

Thursday 10th February, 3:45 - 4:45pm: 
Moving to the Cloud – the next major change for a school/setting’s IT provision
Whether it is choosing certain cloud services, such as a school’s MIS, or moving the entire IT system to a cloud-delivered solution, it is certain that schools and settings will be making the move to the cloud, to some extent, over the next few years. In this webinar, the Technology in Schools team will discuss what it means to move to the cloud, the ways in which you may make this move and the important considerations involved. Delegates will hear from a Hertfordshire school Headteacher about the cloud journey undertaken in his school, and he will share his recipes for success.

Friday 11th February, 3:45 - 4:45pm: 
Broadband and Security – what all schools/settings need to know
With cyber attacks on schools on the increase, good IT security practice and procedures are absolutely essential, whatever the size of the setting. In this webinar delegates will be provided with tips on becoming more cyber secure, from quick fixes to a deeper strategy for improvement.

There will be discussion on some of the security features provided with HfL Broadband and provide an overview of the National Fibre Rollout. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and speak about future plans for connectivity.

Training objectives
Learning outcomes
By attending this showcase, delegates will:

  • learning about developing a school EdTech strategy 

  • hear how schools/settings are using edtech effectively 

  • receive special offers from HfL partners

  • learn about effective device procurement 

  • attend EdTech/connectivity workshops 

Additional Information
This showcase is free to attend for schools.
Closing Date
Friday 11 February 2022
Session Session date Session time Session venue Map
1 07 February 2022 15:45 - 16:30 Webinar Map
2 08 February 2022 15:45 - 16:45 Webinar Map
3 09 February 2022 15:45 - 16:45 Webinar Map
4 10 February 2022 15:45 - 16:45 Webinar Map
5 11 February 2022 15:45 - 16:45 Webinar Map
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