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Preventing sexual harassment and abuse – systems and curriculum

Course Tutors
Karin Hutchinson, Kate Stockdale, Sarah-Jane Ferguson
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Target Audience
Assistant Headteachers / Deputy Headteachers / Designated Senior Persons / Headteachers / New Headteachers / SENCOs / Senior Leaders
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Academies and Schools (including EYFS)
Event Description
There has never been a more vital time to fully review the curriculum to prevent school processes to respond to incidents of sexual harassment and unwanted sexualised behaviour.

  • the steady rise in sexualised incidents and sexual abuse that was highlighted some years ago has not abated in spite of any teaching being delivered in secondary schools

  • the Ofsted investigation on how schools handle allegations of sexual abuse or harassment, included some Hertfordshire schools

  • the Everyone’s Invited website has provided a platform for victims of sexual harassment and abuse to name schools who they believe failed them

The attitudes, values and behaviours behind all forms of sexism, misogyny and sexual abuse need to be seen clearly and addressed consistently. This one-day course will:
• consider the attitudes, values and behaviours behind sexism and sexual harassment/abuse
• consider content of teaching for gender equality and respect, and for anti-abuse learning
• Identify quality resources to support teaching about consent and healthy relationships
• explore what/how to teach to build attitudes and values to counter students’ negative experiences, including on social media and the wider web.
• identify how to respond to sexualised incidents in ways that will empower the targets and impact to educate those causing offence
Training objectives

  • to share some Hertfordshire student voices on their needs and experiences

  • to explore Ofsted’s concerns and interests in sexual harassment and abuse

  • to explore how sexist and gendered attitudes, values and behaviours are formed and maintained

  • to identify the nature of sexism, misogyny and sexualised behaviour that can occur in secondary schools

  • to identify changes required in the curriculum and in school systems to develop a more effective and preventative approach

Learning outcomes

  • increased understanding of how sexism, misogyny and sexualised behaviour show themselves and are impacting on students in Hertfordshire secondary schools

  • identification of problem behaviour and how to respond

  • ideas for review and development of school systems

  • ideas for review and development of the curriculum, particularly but not solely in RSHE

Additional Information
The cost of this training is £129 (excluding VAT) per delegate. Places are funded for Hertfordshire state schools.
Closing Date
Monday 7 March 2022
Session Session date Session time Session venue Map
1 08 March 2022 09:30 - 15:30 Livestorm Webinar
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