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Ticket to access the recording of the National Primary English Conference 2022: 'That's Me'! Ensuring Diverse Representation Across the Primary English Curriculum

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This ticket will give access to the live recording of this inspirational conference, available to view until 18th February 2022. Tickets are for sale on the CPD Hub for Hertfordshire schools and existing customers only, new customers can purchase tickets directly from Accelevents: https://www.accelevents.com/e/hfl-national-primary-english-conference-2022

Seeing aspects of yourself reflected back in the pages of a book can be a startling experience. Being ‘seen’ in the class text, or in a book selected from the school library, can act as a form of validation; moreover, it can engage, excite, energise and invigorate the reader. When a child makes a connection with a book, much of a teacher’s work is done! Without need for prompt or provocation, a child will often seek a way to express that connection, be it through an enthused contribution to a discussion (‘Oh yes, that’s like me/my family/ my grandpa’), or perhaps through a written response. Either way, by helping all children to see that the books we choose relate to them, teachers can greatly improve engagement and, in turn, progress.

The conference featured input from experienced teachers, academics and political campaigners and will ensure that delegates leave with an understanding of how they can work to improve diverse representation through the English curriculum in their schools and classrooms, and why this work matters so much.

The conference ended with a contribution from The Honourable Stuart Lawrence, younger brother of Stephen Lawrence. A motivational public speaker with over 20 years’ experience as a youth engagement specialist.

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The cost of accessing the recording is £79 (excluding VAT) per person.
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Thursday 17 February 2022
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1 18 February 2022 09:00 - 17:00 Accelevents Webinar
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