Securing full stops in Years 1 and 2

Hertfordshire Development Centre, Stevenage, Robertson House, Six Hills Way
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Classroom Teachers / Early Career Teachers / INCos/ SENCos / Newly Qualified Teachers / Subject Leaders
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The writing programme of study for Year 1 states that pupils should be taught, in the first instance, to compose sentences in writing in order to secure the basic concept of a sentence. Many pupils enter Year 1 not having secured this and need more time and experiences which will help embed these core, basic, but essential skills. NC2014 asks that pupils 'master' certain basic skills to enable them to be on a strong trajectory for the next part of their learning journey.

This course focuses on those basic sentence structure and punctuation skills and dives into methods of teaching those aspects. Many pupils entering Year 2 will continue to need to learn how to secure the concept of a sentence within the sentence range with which they are familiar before expanding their understanding of the wider range of different sentence forms, use of conjunctions and punctuation. It is important therefore, that any weaknesses in conceptual understanding are identified and addressed early on so that teachers can embark upon supporting their pupils to move to the next step of learning.

This course will support delegates to address this issue through the combination of a subject knowledge development session, and a tailored in-school consultancy visit. At the half-day session, delegates will have an opportunity to explore the common barriers that their pupils experience, as well as consider a range of tried and tested techniques to improve sentence structure and punctuation. During the half day in-school consultancy visit (to be arranged at a time to suit the school), the class teacher and subject leader (if available) will have an opportunity to consider how the techniques have worked for their pupils and how they can be adapted to further develop pupils' skills in this area.
Training objectives
Learning outcomes
By attending the course, participants will: 

  • better understand the expectations regarding sentence structure for their year group, and preceding year groups

  • be equipped with a range of tried and tested techniques for improving pupils' abilities to understand the concept of a sentence and correctly demarcate sentences

  • improve subject knowledge in this key area for the classroom teacher and subject leader (the subject leader is invited to attend the in-school consultancy visit)

  • improve trajectory towards working at the expected standard in writing for pupils who present issues with sentence demarcation

Additional Information
This course costs £360 per school for the first delegate, a second delegate from the same school costs £78. Delegates should bring examples of work from pupils who present difficulties in their understanding of sentence demarcation to the course.
Start Date
Thursday 14 November 2019
End Date
Thursday 14 November 2019
Closing Date
Wednesday 13 November 2019
09:15 - 12:00
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