LGBT equality and respect in the primary school (Cancelled)

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Hertfordshire Development Centre, Stevenage, Robertson House, Six Hills Way
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Kate Stockdale
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Classroom Teachers / Deputy Headteachers / INCos/ SENCos / NQT +1
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Academies and Schools (including EYFS)
Event Description
Please note, this course was previously advertised as 'Promoting LGBT equality and respect through the relationships and health education curriculum'.

This course is for schools who haven’t yet embedded LGBT inclusion in the curriculum and school processes. It will be relevant for both faith and non-faith schools and will address faith perspectives and guidance to support conversations with governors and parents. We will focus in a practical way on LGBT inclusivity in the new primary relationships education and health education curriculum. It is essential that LGBT people, families and relationships are represented throughout the teaching of these new subjects. Crucially, learning about society’s diversity starts in the Early Years. The statutory guidance states that: ‘schools should ensure that the needs of all pupils are appropriately met, and that all pupils understand the importance of equality and respect. Schools must ensure that they comply with the relevant provisions of the Equality Act 2010 under which sexual orientation and gender reassignment are amongst the protected characteristics.’
Training objectives
Learning outcomes
The aims of the training are to:

  • examine how LGBT representation can be integrated into the curriculum in a sensitive and age-appropriate way

  • examine resources that can be used to promote gender equality and family diversity

  • consider the legal duties of schools towards LGBT people under the Equality Act 2010

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Start Date
Monday 11 November 2019
End Date
Monday 11 November 2019
Closing Date
Sunday 10 November 2019
09:00 - 12:00
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