Assessment moderation cluster for teachers of Year 2: cluster 10 - Bushey and Watford

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A member of the Assessment Team
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Sandra Penstone-Smith (
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Classroom Teachers
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Academies and Schools (including EYFS)
Assessment / English / Mathematics
Event Description
These summer term cluster meetings will give Year 2 teachers an opportunity to discuss their evidence for Key Stage 1 teacher assessment with other teachers and with assessment advisers. This will be particularly useful in identifying any gaps in pupils’ work that need to be addressed before the final assessments are made.
In each subject area (reading, writing and maths) we recommend that teachers bring evidence for a pupil who they expect to achieve the expected standard at the end of KS1, but who has not yet quite secured the standard, and for a pupil who they expect to be working at greater depth within the expected standard, but who has not quite secured it. Teachers may also wish to bring evidence for a pupil who is expected to be working towards the standard or a pupil for whom it is difficult to make the judgement.
It is advised that teachers take the opportunity to focus on pupils who are on the cusp of achieving a standard, or pupils that are more difficult to assess, for example because they have an unusual profile of strengths and weaknesses in their learning, as these scenarios tend to lead to the most fruitful conversations.
The discussions will focus on the 2019 Teacher Assessment Framework (TAF), as this is the statutory document for end of KS1 assessment.
Training objectives
Learning outcomes
By attending the session, participants will: have an opportunity to moderate their assessments with other colleagues, to ensure consistency identify the crucial gaps in evidence that need to be addressed receive any updates and latest information from the assessment team
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Start Date
Friday 3 May 2019
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Friday 3 May 2019
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Thursday 2 May 2019
09:15 - 11:45
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