Key Stage 2 Reading Fluency Project: Sustaining Impact Session

Hertfordshire Development Centre, Stevenage, Robertson House, Six Hills Way
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Kathy Roe
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The Key Stage 2 Reading Fluency Project has had a measurable impact on reading standards in many schools in Hertfordshire and beyond. Having invested heavily in this project, it is important that schools continue to maintain focus on this work, and ensure that the powerful project strategies continue to be used effectively across KS2. Where schools have maintained focus, the impact continues to be seen in reading standards in KS2, even several years after participating in the project.

To support schools in up-skilling key teaching team members in the project strategies, the fluency project team have introduced this one-day ‘sustaining impact’ session. The session is open to teachers and leaders from schools who have participated in the project at some point since its launch in 2016. The session will incorporate the information shared during the project launch day, as well as the mid-project twilight session. The session is ideally suited to team members who did not attend the original project CPD sessions, but who have seen the strategies work well in other classes and are keen to develop their understanding of the project. This session is also ideal for leaders who are keen to support and monitor the delivery of the project, but who did not attend the project CPD sessions. Schools may also choose to send teaching assistants on this training session to ensure that they fully understand the principles and purpose of the project strategies.
Training objectives

  • to support schools who have participated in the KS2 Reading Fluency Project in up-skilling team members in the effective delivery of key project strategies

  • to support schools in ensuring that their original investment in the project is maintained through continued development of key team members

  • to ensure that the improved outcomes achieved through engagement in the project during Year 1 are maintained, and that standards in reading continue to rise for those schools who have engaged with the KS2 Reading Fluency Project

Learning outcomes

  • leaders will have greater understanding of the project strategies and be able to better monitor their use and effectiveness in different classes

  • class teachers will have greater understanding of the project strategies and will be able to use them with confidence with their pupils

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Start Date
Wednesday 12 February 2020
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Wednesday 12 February 2020
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Tuesday 11 February 2020
09:15 - 15:15
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