Curriculum in Motion: Session Two

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What are effective processes for curriculum construction, debate and renewal?
In reality, how is the curriculum used as a progression model?
Which factors influence the inclusion or omission of content within different curriculum models?
Which factors influence the order of content across different curriculum disciplines within the curriculum?

Following the success of the Primary Curriculum Symposium, HfL are delighted to launch a follow-up CPD offer: Curriculum in Motion. This series of half-day CPD sessions will allow leaders to continue the conversations begun during the Curriculum Symposium and to re-focus on key curriculum questions, such as those listed above. For those leaders who did not attend the Curriculum Symposium, the sessions will provide an excellent opportunity to engage in the topical debates surrounding curriculum design and implementation.

The 5 Curriculum in Motion sessions, which will be spread across the academic year 2019/20, will feature guest speakers, all of whom have considerable experience of forming and shaping bespoke curriculums, designed to meet the needs of learners within their diverse settings. Acting on the feedback from the Curriculum Symposium, each session will feature a speaker who is able to give practical insights into the processes, challenges and considerations associated with visioning and implementing a primary curriculum. In addition, the sessions will incorporate time and space to allow for leaders to consider, debate and respond to the content being presented.

Curriculum in Motion Session Two: 27th January 2020

Keynote: Andrew Percival – Deputy Headteacher and Curriculum Lead at Stanley Road Primary School in Oldham

Developing a curriculum for long-term learning
Over the past two years at Stanley Road Primary School we have worked to develop a coherent ‘knowledge-rich’ curriculum using insights from cognitive science to inform our decision making. In the session, I will outline the process we went through to develop the curriculum and will share examples of curricular planning to exemplify our thinking. Finally, I will explain some of the systems in school that support our curriculum implementation.

Herts Showcase: Penny Barefoot – Headteacher, Bushey Heath Primary School 

Where to begin: Developing your curriculum

Developing the curriculum has been the most exciting and rewarding part of my headship. Starting with post-it notes and squared paper, working closely with the subject leaders and interested parents, we have deconstructed and then reconstructed the curriculum. It has been hard work. It has been fun. It is a journey worth taking.
Training objectives

  • to provide an opportunity for leaders to engage in topical debate regarding curriculum design, implementation and impact

  • to provide an opportunity for leaders to hear from colleagues who have invested considerable time and energy to this area of school improvement

  • to provide a space for leaders to reflect on input and make decisions that are right for their settings

Learning outcomes
Following the sessions, colleagues will:

  • have gained greater clarity of the key considerations and challenges facing those invested in curriculum design and implementation

  • be better equipped to make informed decisions regarding curriculum development in relation to school needs

  • feel empowered to articulate decisions made regarding curriculum design and implementation

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Monday 27 January 2020
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Monday 27 January 2020
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Sunday 26 January 2020
13:00 - 16:15
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