Computing, understanding and teaching primary programming concepts (Cancelled)

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Chris Carter
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Assistant Headteachers / Classroom Teachers / Deputy Headteachers / Early Career Teachers / Heads of Department/Faculty / New/Aspiring Subject Leaders / Newly Qualified Teachers / NQT +1 / Returning Teachers / Subject Leaders
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The primary computing curriculum expects pupils to have repeated practical experience of writing algorithms and computer programs.

In this online course, we will explain and explore the key programming concepts that pupils should learn as they progress through primary school. This will help teachers understand what they should be teaching and how to introduce the concepts, both away from computers and onscreen using programming tools. We will explore sequence, repetition, selection and variables.

Aimed at the less confident computing teacher, this course will give you the understanding and confidence to tackle the computer science element of the computing curriculum.
Training objectives

  • to explain and explore the key programming concepts in the primary national curriculum

  • to learn about sequence, repetition, selection and variables.

  • explore how to utilise these in unplugged and onscreen activities

Learning outcomes

  • improve understanding of some of the computer science elements of the computing curriculum

  • gain confidence in teaching programming and algorithms from Y1 to Y6

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Start Date
Tuesday 24 November 2020
End Date
Tuesday 24 November 2020
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Monday 23 November 2020
09:30 - 11:30
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