Preparing for greater depth in Year 6 writing

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Martin Galway
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Assessment Coordinators / Assistant Headteachers / Classroom Teachers / Deputy Headteachers / Early Career Teachers / Headteachers / Middle Leaders / New Headteachers / New/Aspiring Middle Leaders / New/Aspiring Subject Leaders / Newly Qualified Teachers / NQT +1 / Returning Teachers / Senior Leaders / Subject Leaders
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Academies and Schools (including EYFS)
Assessment / English / Newly Qualified Teachers
Event Description
This full-day course is designed to help teachers to prepare to deliver writing instruction that supports the development of writers ‘working at great depth’ (GDS) in Year 6. Through the use of exemplification and explanation of terms, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the requirements for a judgement of GDS. Across the day, there will be opportunities to explore teaching and learning that will support young writers to meet the demands of the assessment framework without sacrificing the joys of great writing. Exciting writing opportunities and approaches will be shared that inspire, as well as offer stretch and challenge for our most confident writers. Developing pupils as confident, motivated, and mature writers - both in technical and authorial terms - will underpin the course content.

Training objectives

  • enhance understanding of assessing writing at ‘greater depth’- knowing what it is, and what it isn’t

  • explore examples of work considered to be indicative of working at greater depth in Year 6 in writing, exploring what makes good writing evidence

  • explore writing opportunities and texts that are well-placed to provide good evidence to demonstrate pupils’ learning

  • take away ideas designed to enrich reading as well as writing in order to motivate young writers and help them to reach new heights

Learning outcomes

  • enhanced understanding of the requirements for greater depth writing in Year 6

  • develop expertise in developing a Year 6 writing curriculum that supports the development and achievement of the GDS without diminishing creativity or motivation to write

  • gain confidence in planning for writing instruction that offers opportunities to meet the requirements for GDS

Additional Information
Delegates may find it useful, as a frame of reference for the course, to have access to writing from a pupil or pupils that they consider to be on track to be assessed as ‘working at greater depth’ at the end of Key Stage 2 / Year 6 for writing, but it is not essential.
Start Date
Friday 9 July 2021
End Date
Friday 9 July 2021
Closing Date
Thursday 8 July 2021
09:30 - 16:00
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