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Code: SRF46 Safer Recruitment Refresher (LIMITED SPACES)

It is a Hertfordshire recommendation that all safer recruiters receive refresher training to remain accredited. This 2 hour training session is only to be attended by those who have previously completed the all day Safer Recruitment training and whose 5 year accreditation is due to / very recently expired (please check if you are unsure).

This is open for governors and staff to attend - please check costs below.

Essential Information
Session Session Date Session Time Session Venue Map
1 13 November 2019 19:00 - 21:00 West Herts College Map

Code: 19ENG/042P Year 1 Phonics Screening Check Project (EVENT FULL)

This hugely successful project supports schools in analysing their phonics data and using this to fine-tune phonics provision in Year 1 to close gaps for as many pupils as possible, and to continue to raise attainment in reading for all. Accurate and efficient decoding is linked to reading fluency and comprehension, and deep subject knowledge around reading development forms a core thread of the project. We know that children may experience barriers to learning for a range of reasons. Unpicking these, and matching provision to individual need, is integral to closing these gaps. Previous project schools have seen a mean increase of +16% on their previous year’s results; the greatest increase a school has seen is +49.3%. In addition, the gender gap has narrowed to, on average, only 1% in project schools.

The project package includes high-quality training resources, diagnostic assessment tools and the professional development outlined below. Schools benefit from the project in a range of ways, e.g. improving their score in comparison to National, LA or their own previous scores. For schools who are experiencing a decline in their school’s phonics data over a number of years, full implementation of the project has successfully supported with reversing this.

During the project, the participants will use their screening check data and individual annotated response sheets to carry out error analysis and explore matching provision to need. With their linked adviser, they will plan, carry out and review key actions for individual pupils and groups of pupils. The project will then support delegates to embed strategies through robust action planning, ensuring future success and building sustainable improvements in provision.

For more informaiton please follow the link below:
Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

Following the launch day event a half-day consultancy visit will be arranged with an allocated adviser by the end of October 2019. For all schools outside of Hertfordshire please contact us for a price and availability before booking.

Essential Information
Session Session Date Session Time Session Venue Map
1 19 September 2019 13:00 - 16:00 Hertfordshire Development Centre, Stevenage Map
2 13 November 2019 16:00 - 18:00 Bowmansgreen Primary School Map
3 04 December 2019 13:00 - 16:00 Hertfordshire Development Centre, Stevenage Map