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Code: 19DMS/049P Using the EYFS Progress Toolkit in SIMS (Cancelled)

The EYFS Progress Toolkit for SIMS AM7 has been developed by HfL over many years to provide EYFS practitioners and leaders with access to the information they require to plan next steps and report on the attainment and progress of individuals and groups of pupils, including various vulnerable groups within the cohort.

During the course, we will guide delegates through how to generate the various analysis reports from the Toolkit and interpret them, with delegates using a workstation to gain hands-on experience. The main focus of this course will be the analysis of data, however we will cover some key information that underpins how the Toolkit works, such as the grades available. Further support for inputting data into the Toolkit can be provided at school level via the ICT Service Desk.

Essential Information
Session Session Date Session Time Session Venue Map
1 17 October 2019 09:30 - 12:30 Hertfordshire Development Centre, Stevenage Map