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Funded Wellbeing for Education Return Webinars Autumn 2020

Wellbeing for Education Return Webinars Autumn 2020

The ‘Wellbeing for Education Return’ training forms part of the government’s national project designed to support schools and colleges on responding to the wellbeing and mental health needs of children and young people, staff and parents as a result of coronavirus. This training has been developed by MindEd and Anna Freud Centre and will be delivered by Herts for Learning’s Wellbeing Advisers on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council.

The training is designed to enable participants to cascade training and to provide guidance and resources for staff with a focus on wellbeing, resilience and recovery in the context of coronavirus to help facilitate a whole-organisation response. It is recommended that the training should be attended by an experienced teacher who holds pastoral responsibilities and has knowledge of the whole-school approach to mental health being used across the school/college for individual and group support and the mental health content being taught in the curriculum.

The training is delivered through two webinars. Webinar 1 is two and a half hours long and Webinar 2 is two hours long. The sessions should be attended in order and by the same member of staff.

This training is tailored for Hertfordshire’s local context and will include signposting to local data and services. The training is government funded and there is no charge to Hertfordshire schools.

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