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The HfL 2022 Wellbeing Conference

Wellbeing Conference – 15th June 2022...

Building Futures: Growing pupil empowerment and agency

This cross-phase one-day online conference will focus deeply on environments, strategies, approaches and experiences and that will support pupils of all ages to increase their:
  • agency in their learning
  • confidence in their future
  • ability to choose well
In exploring how pupils can develop the tools they require for such self-efficacy, this conference will address important fundamentals around how and what we teach and how we support individuals.

The conference will consider how schools can transform to increase the extent that children and young people can direct their own learning, chart their own course, identify and consider options, reroute along the way, recognise their skill development and grow in confidence. The day will look at what this means for relationships, expectations of autonomy (with appropriate support), culturally responsive and inclusive practice and how to grow a sense of possibilities.

Marie Gentles OBE, Co-Founder and Director of?Magic Behaviour Management Ltd.

Eugene Ellis, Psychotherapist and director of The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network

Jean Gross, best-selling author and popular speaker on children's issues.

This will be a valuable and uplifting day, allowing time for reflection and further thought enabling participants to:
  • recognise the extent to which empowerment and agency are critical tools to develop if pupils are to flourish in school and beyond
  • consider successful school practices that will facilitate and increase agency and grow a positive sense of future
  • recognise opportunities across the curriculum that will fuel the growth of agency and how RSHE/PSHE can underpin this
  • identify how pupils can articulate and drive their own engagement, learning journey and positive future.
By the end of the day, participants will have the opportunity to return to their settings empowered to:
  • employ new strategic approaches and practical methods to better enable pupils to develop agency in their learning and across their lives
  • analyse the skills and opportunities required for pupils to develop agency
  • identify key changes that will begin to increase pupil self-efficacy
This online cross-phase event is open to all staff in all Primary, Secondary and Special schools as well as RSHE leads, senior leaders and governors.

Book online via the HfL CPD Hub: course code: WEL/22/208/A

Please contact the Events team at training@hertsforlearning.co.uk if you have any queries.


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