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Supporting pupils to learn multiplication facts – effective strategies for rehearsal and recall - 2021 - 2022

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HFL 21/117 

This suite of training materials is aimed at Year 4 teachers and maths subject leaders particularly. Year 2, Year 3 and Year 5 teachers may also find the content beneficial.


It is designed to support practitioners with strategies, practical ideas and resources to enable pupils to learn multiplication facts with understanding and recall.


Delegates will investigate the process of developing times tables fluency through the 4 steps of: learn > rehearse > recall > assess (and apply).


For Year 4 teachers and maths subject leaders, the Multiplication Tables Check is also explored, so that the use of time up to this statutory assessment can be maximised, focusing on what is likely to have most impact on learning, rehearsal and recall. 


This training is available until 21st July 2022. Please note: pop-ups must be allowed in order to access the content.

Full Description

Session 1 – Introduction and getting started

In this first session, we will outline the process used throughout this training to teach times tables effectively. We will also explore the National Curriculum milestones and the likely format of the Statutory Multiplication Tables Check (MTC). We will give opportunities to consider the needs of pupils in a cohort. 


Session 2 – Learning the facts

In this session, we start at the very beginning of the journey to look at what multiplication tables are and how we can help pupils understand the structures. Speaking frames are modelled, and we explore the use of arrays to make the link to repeated addition. Finally, we look at how many facts actually need to be learned.


Session 3 – Rehearse and recall

Once pupils have had time in the ‘learn’ phase explored in session 2, they then need opportunities for rehearsal (to support the facts moving from working memory into long term memory). Pupils then support with the retrieval of facts from memory, so that they develop recall. This session focuses on a variety of strategies to support both rehearsal and recall of knowledge.


Session 4 – Assessment and looking ahead

We will consider how effective use of assessment can support the recall and application of times tables knowledge, explore ways of extending those pupils who have secured rapid recall and consider how the key messages from this training can be shared with colleagues to have a wider school impact.

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Primary (including EYFS) 
Primary (including EYFS) - Mathematics 
Target Audience
Classroom Teachers
Subject Leaders 
Estimated Duration
3 - 4 hours